Evan's 1994 Q45

Submitted November 7, 2004

setup: stock
year: 1994
Make: Infiniti
Model: Q45
Miles: 217,000
Purchased: October 2004 from previous single-owner (non-smoker)
Problems: none yet (knock on wood)
Car Name: ButterPeQan (looks like Butter Pecan Ice Cream)
Story: I have always wanted a  Q2 ever since 1994, when they first came
out, but since I was 15 and the car was 60,000 dollars, those dreams
had to be delayed a little bit. I had been driving a 1994 Nissan Altima
(236,000 miles w/ no problems) when I had saved up enough money to
purchase my dream car.
I had been searching through autotrader.com and cars.com, when I saw
that this car was for sale as a trade-in at a Hyundai dealership in
Sheboygan WI. Me loving the car so much, trusted the salesman and put a
down payment on the car immediately sight-unseen.
I bought a plane ticket for the weekend, and flew up to Milwaukee
Wisconsin...bought the car and headed on my way back down to Chapel
Hill NC after they had met me at the airport and brought me back to
Sheboygan to sign papers at the dealership.
I ended up driving back a total of 15.5 hours and 1053 miles straight,
and fell into a coma as soon as I hit my apt door. I knew that the car
was luxury because I was zooming through the Appalachian Mountains of West
Virginia, and even after 15 hours of driving, my back and backside
didn't hurt like it would if I were driving my Altima for 1.5 hours.
I love the car and really appreciate the opportunity of becoming part
of the Q45.org family.

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