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Purchasing and Ownership Advice 

These guides, covering the Q45 from 1990-2005, will assist you in servicing or upgrading your vehicle. No guarantees are made on the results, and anything you do yourself is at your own risk.

Buying Advice - A thorough checklist of what to look for when buying your 1990-1996 Q45.

1994-1996 Engine In 1990-1993 Q45

Nitrous and the Q45 - 1990-1996 Q45.

Considering an engine rebuild? - 1990-1996 Q45.

Which brand of brake pad and rotor?

Extending Automatic Transmission Life - For all Nissans and Infinitis.
NOTE: 2002-2005 Q45 requires a special Nissan transmission fluid.

Differential Gears - Everything you need to know about proper maintenance.

Seafoam Treatment - For engine clean-up. Should you use it?

Oil, Filters, Flushes -  - 1990-2001 Q45. Choose the best oil for your driving habits and climate. Learn how to properly choose and install a filter.

Painting Calipers

Active Suspension - General information on upkeep and repairs for the Infiniti Q45a.

Radiator and Cooling System - The importance of proper maintenance.

Transmission Maintenance Guide - Applies to Q45 and J30
NOTE: 2002-2005 Q45 requires a special Nissan transmission fluid.

Required Spark Plugs - Buy from us to purchase these plugs at over 50% off retail with free shipping.

Level 10 Transmissions - Located in New Jersey, offers Q45 transmission upgrades for improving performance and reliability. Ask for Pat at 973-827-1000.
For first-gear starts in the 1990-1992 Q45, you can purchase and install a 1993-1995 TCU.

Fuel System Maintenance Guide - Coming soon.
Suggestions: Use a can of BG44k every 3,000-6,000 miles. Also, keep the fuel level above half as much as possible to keep the fuel pump and control unit cool. Try to use gas stations that seem to provide clean, quality fuel. An annual fuel rail flush also helps.

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