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Tech Help

These guides, covering the Q45 from 1990-2006, will assist you in servicing or upgrading your vehicle. No guarantees are made on the results, and anything you do yourself is at your own risk.

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General Diagnosis:

1990-1996 Q45 Parts Diagrams

Service manuals for all generations of Q45. - Big thanks to the moderators at NICO for putting this together.

2002-2006 Q45 Diagnostics

2003 Q45 Service Manual - 2002-2006 Q45.

Resolving Rough Idle - 1990-1996 Q45. A list of some possible causes and solutions for rough or erratic idle.

Stalling - 1990-1996 Q45. One possible transmission-related solution. A bad MAF is another common cause.

Resolving Bucking/Jerking - 1990-1996 Q45. Solutions for erratic acceleration and bucking/jerking.

See also the Advice section for general solutions and information.


Resolving Lifter Ticking - 1990-2006 Q45. Solutions for lifter noise and ticking sounds.

V8 Engine Problems - 2002-2006 Q45. Oil consumption.

Mobil 1 Facts

Plenum Removal - 1990-1996 Q45. Details on how to remove your plenum and all services associated with it.

Chain Guides (CRITICAL for 1990-1993):

Chain Guides Explained
- 1990-1993 Q45. Why early Q45 chain guides can result in engine failure.
Chain Guide Cutoff Date - 1993 Q45. The late production run of the 1993 Q45 may have the updated metal-backed chain guides.
Chain Guide Replacement Photos - 1990-1993 Q45. Photos documenting a chain guide update on a 1992 Q45.
Chain Guide Parts Diagram - 1990-1993 Q45. Photo diagrams of each major chain guide part and a picture of the plastic-clogged oil pickup.
Chain Guide Replacement Instructions - 1990-1993 Q45. Instructions and parts list for updating chain guides.

Tech Note: It is believed that 1993 is the first year to get updated guides as no '93 with plastic guides has been seen on NICO, but this cannot be 100% confirmed.

Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaning - 1990-1996 Q45. Cleaning the MAF sensor for improved performance, efficiency, and smoother idle.
Tech Note: MAF connector for 1990-1994 is different from 1995-1996.

Mass Air Flow Sensor Repair - 1990-1996

Mass Air Flow Sensor Connector - 1990-1994

Throttle Body Cleaning - 1990-1996 Q45. Cleaning the the throttle body for smoother idle and acceleration.  

Ram Air Intake Modification

Another Intake Modification

Changing Spark Plugs - 1990-1996 Q45. 

Changing Spark Plugs - 1997-2001 Q45.

Gapping Spark Plugs - 1990-1996 Q45.

Changing Oil Filter - 1997-2001 Q45.

O2 Sensor Replacement - 1990-1996 Q45. 

Water Pump Replacement - 1990-1996 Q45.

Replacing Valve Cover Gasket - 1990-1996 Q45.
Tech Note: 1990-1993 use RTV. 1994-1996 use a gasket.

Radiator Removal/Installation - 1990-1996 Q45.

Thermostat Replacement - 1997-2001 Q45

Checking Ignition Timing - 1990-1996 Q45. Three ways to check for proper ignition timing.

Replacing/Dropping the Oil Pan - 1990-1996 Q45. After a chain guide replacement procedure, plastic pieces may remain in the oil pan and block the oil pickup.

Changing Belts - 1990-1996 Q45.

Rebuilding Your Starter - 1990-1996 Q45.

Key and Lock Issues - 1990-2001 Q45.

Checking Knock Sensor Resistance - 1990-1996 Q45. How to check for possible knock sensor failure.

Cutout of an OEM Muffler - 1990-1996

Fuel System

Tech Note: 1990-1993 and 1994-1996 Q45s use different injectors.

Correct Fuel Hose

Using 1994-1996 Injectors on 1990-1993 Q45s

Checking Fuel Injector Resistance - 1990-1996 Q45. How to check for possible injector failure.

Fuel Pump Repair - 1990-1996

Fuel Pump Kill Switch - 1990-1996 Q45. For added security.

Tips for Injector Removal/Installation - 1990-1996 Q45.

More Tips for Injector Removal - 1990-1996 Q45

Reconditioned Injector Discussion - 1990+ Q45.

Fuel Pump Control Unit - 1990-1996 Q45. Stalls? Humming sound from the trunk? The fuel pump and control unit may be due for replacement. Also in the link is advice for how to use an alligator clip to drive home after a control unit failure.

Fuel Pump Replacement - 1990-1996 Q45. Humming from the trunk? It is best to replace the fuel pump before it fails to avoid damaging the Fuel Pump Control Unit. Used pumps are not recommended.

Fuel Filter Replacement - 1997-2001 Q45. The fuel filter is not located under the hood. Here's how to replace it safely.

Fuel Pump and Control Unit Failure Story - 1990-1996 Q45. Lessons learned and detailed how-to information on replacing both. 

Fuel Tank Replacement- 1990-1996 Q45.

Pressurized Fuel Rail Flush - All Q45.  Advice on fuel injector cleaning.

Cold outside. Smells like gas inside. - 1990-1996 Q45. In cold weather the cabin may smell like gas. Here's a fix.

Injector Removal Made Easy - 1990-1996


Adding An External Transmission Cooler - 1990-1996 Q45, also recommended for 1997-2001 Q45. Q45 transmissions, while mechanically quite reliable, can lack sufficient cooling in their factory configuration. This documents how to add a transmission cooler for longer life.

Reprogram Shift Points - 2002-2004 Q45. An update from Infiniti changes shift points, spark firing timing, and fuel injection timing for better performance. It also "replaces the accelerator pedal with one with a bit less lag in the pedal itself."

Transmission Pan Drop - 1990-1996 Q45. For routine cleaning of the transmission pan and replacement of the filter.

Transmission Flush Discussion

Servicing Brakes - 1990-1996 Q45. Detailed information on servicing pads and rotors.


Changing Brake Fluid - 1990-2001 Q45 and most other Nissan and Infiniti vehicles.

Brake Pads Worn - 1990-1996 Q45. Disabling the annoying brake pad error message.

Repairing Leaky Caliper

Climate System:

Blower Removal and Cleaning - 1990+

The "Econ" Button

Temperature Sensor Cleaning - 1990-1996 Q45. Clean your ambient temperature sensor for more effective air conditioning.

Evaporator Cleaning - 1990-1996 Q45. Remove dirt and oil that clogs ventilation passages to increase cabin airflow.

Evaporator Removal - 1990-1996 Q45

Intermittent Air Conditioning - 1990-1996 Q45.

Fan Only Blows Full Speed - 1990-1996 Q45.

Replacing Cabin Air Filter - 2002-2006 Q45.

Handling, Steering, and Suspension:

Inconsistent Steering Smoothness - 1990+

Steering Wheel Shake - 2002-2006

Low-Cost Front Strut Tower Brace - 1990-1996 Q45. Where to acquire and how to install a low-cost front strut tower brace for better handling and stability.

Active Suspension - 1990-1996 Q45a - General information on upkeep and repairs for the Infiniti Q45a.

Replacing Strut Mounts - 1997-2001 Q45.

Q45 Sway Bar - 1990-1996 Q45.  Information on sway bars.

Steering Wheel Upgrade/Swap - 1990-1996 Q45

Body, Interior, and Lighting:

Installing HIDs - 1997-2001 Q45

Remote Keyless Distance/Range Issues - 1990-2001 Q45

Cleaning "Piepan" Alloy Wheels

Glass/Windshield Replacement

Arm Rest Removal - 1990-1993 Q45

Arm Rest Upgrade - 1990-1994 Q45

Adding Power Folding Mirrors

Maintaining Chrome

Sunroof Switch Repair - 1990-1996

Sagging Door Fix - 1990-2001 Q45.

Adding A Cupholder - How to add a cupholder to 90-93 models that lacked one.

Full Dashboard Removal - 1990-1996 Q45.

Stop Lamp Inoperative - 1990-1996 Q45.

Radio and Climate Control Removal - 1990-2001 Q45.

Door Lock Timer Diagnosis and Repair - 1990-1996 Q45 and other Nissan's

Maintaining Rubber

White Gauges


Windshield Washer Nozzle Cleaning - 1990-1996 Q45.


All About Bose - All Infiniti models. General information on Bose factory stereo repairs and troubleshooting.

Stereo Removal - 1997-2001 Q45

Dashboard Smoke/Electrical Failure - 2002-2006

Bose Audio History - 1990-1996

Rear Speaker Upgrade/Replacement - 1997-2001 Q45

Sony CD Changer Issues - 1990-1996

Audio Upgrades for F50 - 2002-2006 Q45

Bose Speakers and Amps - 1997-2001 Q45.

Parasitic Battery Drain - All Q45. For resolving trouble with inexplicably draining batteries.

iPod Input - 1994-2001 Q45. How to make an iPod input for your Bose changer-controller head unit.

iPod Input - 1997-2001 Q45. Where to buy an iPod input for your Bose changer-controller head unit.

Bose Repair - 1990-1996 Q45.

Checking ECU Codes
- 1990-1996 Q45.

Power Antenna Problems - 1990-1996 Q45.

Installing Factory CD Changer - 1994-1996 Q45.

Alarm and Remote Start Wiring Information - All Q45s

Replacing Rear Bose Amplifiers - 1990-1996 Q45.

Self-Diagnostic Displays - 2002-2006 Q45.

Programming Remote Keyless - 1990-1996 Q45.

Programming Remote Keyless - 1997-2001 Q45.

Programming Remote Keyless - QX4, 1997-2004 Q45, I30, I35,1999-2002 G20, FX, G35, M45, Most Nissan Vehicles

G50 Lighting Guide - 1990-1996 Q45. A complete list of aftermarket part numbers for replacement bulbs. See also for: J30 and M35/M45

Wiring Subwoofer and Amplifier to Bose System - 1990-1996 Q45.

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