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Q: What's with the Infiniti logo? Why is it called Infiniti?

Q: Are you the same as NICO?
A: No. NICO is a separate entity from However, NICO is a strongly recommend resource for Nissan and Infiniti owners.

Q: Who runs the forum linked above?
A: To make it clear, in case it isn't obvious by the drastic change in layout and logos, the forum link goes away from and over to NICO. That site, and the forum, belong to NICO. The NICO search part of our search page also belongs to NICO.

Q: Who sponsors you?
A: No one. Google Adsense is a bit less than enough to cover the hosting bill.

Q: Is NICO responsible for any of the content at
A: Useful content is taken from NICO is repeated here, and proper credit is given to the authors. However, NICO is not directly responsible for any content at this site, and vice versa. NICO and are two separate entities. Content is borrowed from NICO with permission.

Q: Why not just use NICO?
A: It is highly recommended.

Q: Who is responsible for all of this information?
A: Special thanks to Dennis, Fred Palmer, Greg C., Robert, Nick, Jeff Williams, Brian, Scott Jackson, Heath, Joe Tesensky, Lou G., Keith, Todd, "Texasoil", "redmanfx", aaacomp, Josh, Alora Duncan, Ryan, and many others for contributing to NICO and

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