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Photos, Videos, and Scans


Featured Rides - Photos and descriptions of Q45s submitted by owners.

Scans and Articles:
Adobe Acrobat Reader and a broadband connection may be required to view some of these articles.


1990 Q45, Automobile Magazine Article
-1990 Infiniti Q45

1989 Car and Driver Article
-1990 Infiniti Q45

1990 Q45, Motor Trend Preview
-1990 Infiniti Q45

1989 Q45, Car and Driver Preview
-1990 Infiniti Q45
-(Submitted by Lou G.)

1990 Q45, Car and Driver Comparison

-Includes the Cadillac Seville STS, Mercedes-Benz 420SEL, Jaguar Sovereign, Audi V8 Quattro, BMW 735i, 1990 Infiniti Q45, and Lexus LS400.  -(Submitted by Lou G.)

1990 Q45, Automobile Magazine Comparison

-Includes the 1990 Infiniti Q45, Lexus LS400, Audi V8, Mercedes-Benz 300E, and BMW 535.

1990 Road and Track Comparison

-1990 Infiniti Q45 vs. 1990 Lexus LS400.

1990 Q45, Motor Trend Long Term Wrap-Up
-1990 Infiniti Q45

Active vs. Non-Active Suspension, Car and Driver
-Comparison of active and standard Q45.

1994 Q45, Car and Driver Review
-The new 1994 Infiniti Q45 compared to the previous 1990-1993 model.
-Extensive review of active suspension.
-(Submitted by Lou G.)

1992 Q45, Automobile Magazine
-1992 Infiniti Q45a G. Brabham Special Edition
-318 bhp, 327 lb-ft, currently owned by Ryan ("1992Q45a" on NICO)

1995 Road and Track Comparison
-Includes the Lincoln Continental, BMW 540i, Mercedes-Benz E-class, Cadillac Seville STS, 1995 Infiniti Q45t, and Lexus LS400.

1995 Q45t Road and Track Review
-1995 Infiniti Q45t

1997 Q45 Car and Driver Review
-Covers the 1997 Infiniti Q45
-(Submitted by Lou G.)

1997-2001 Q45 Consumer Guide Review

1997 Q45 vs. 1997 Lexus LS400 Motor Trend Comparison

1997 Q45 Test Drive

1999 Q45 Test Drive
-Article contains the wrong photo.

1997 Q45 Motorweek Review

1997 Q45 Review by CarTrackers

1997-2001 Q45 Motor Trend Road Test

2002 Q45, Car and Driver Comparison
-Includes the 2002 Infiniti Q45, Audi A6, Cadillac Deville, BMW 540, Jaguar S-Type, Lexus GS430, and Mercedes-Benz E430. 
-(Submitted by Lou G.)

2002 Q45, Car and Driver Preview
-Previews the 2002 Infiniti Q45
-(Submitted by Lou G.)

2002 Infiniti Q45 Review
-2002 Infiniti Q45

Q29 Roadster
-Q45 drivetrain in a 1929 roadster body.

Q45 and M30:

1990 Q45 and M30 Road and Track Special Issue
-100 ad-free pages devoted exclusively to the 1990 Q45 and M30 in a special issue of Road and Track. The entire issue has been scanned.


1989 Car and Driver First Drive
-1990 Infiniti M30
-(Submitted by Lou G.)


2004 Autoweek '04 M45 Driver's Log
- 56k Version
-Autoweek offers its perspective on the 2004 Infiniti M45 and compares it to the Q.
-(Submitted by Brian P.)

2005 Autoweek '06 M45 Preview
-Autoweek gives a sneak peek of the second-generation 2006 Infiniti M45.
-(Submitted by Lou G.)

2005 Car and Driver '06 M45 Review
-Car and Driver reviews the second-generation 2006 Infiniti M45.
-(Submitted by Lou G.)

2005 Automobile Magazine '06 M45 Review
-Automobile Magazine the second-generation 2006 Infiniti M45.
-(Submitted by Lou G.)

2006 Car and Driver '06 M45 Comparison
-Car and Driver compares the 2006 M45 to MB E-class, BMW 5-series, STS, Audi A6, Jaguar S-type, Acura RL, and Lexus GS430.

2006 M35 Startup Sequence
-A video of an M35x starting up, showing sweeping gauges, displays, buttons, and beeps.

Marketing Materials:

Magazine Advertisements

1992 Q45 Postcard

1998 Q45 Postcard

NICO Meets:

Lexington, Kentucky - March 22 2004 - Set 1
Lexington, Kentucky - March 22 2004 - Set 2
Lexington, Kentucky - March 22 2004  - Set 3

NOPI Nationals - March 2005

SCO Nights - June 2005

NOPI Nationals - September 2005

Indianapolis, Indiana - October 29 2005


Wes's Former Crimson Red 1994 Q45
Jesda's Green 1992 Q45
2004 Chrysler 300
2004 Kia Amanti

-Miscellaneous collection of Q45 interior and exterior photos.

1985 Nissan Cuex Concept Car
A variation of those wheels made it into final production, called "HICAS" wheels.
"Intended for production in the early 1990s, Nissan's Cue-X was a classic four-door saloon with a front-mounted V6 turbo engine with 24 valves, 3 liters, and a 300 horsepower capability. The cleanliness of the lines and sensibility of proportion caught the eye of many enthusiasts at the 1986 Tokyo Auto Show. It was 191 inches long and utilized an integrated automatic transmission."
Source: "geeque" on Cardomain/"gnikave" on NICO

Q29 - 1929 roadster with a Q45 drivetrain.


Infiniti M45 DVD:

Full Infiniti M45 DVD with commentary, slideshow, and specifications -- featuring professional stunt drivers.
Noteworthy: The other vehicles in the drag racing scenes were not handicapped in any way.
Copyright 2004 Infiniti Division of Nissan North America, Inc.



Twin-Turbo 1000hp+ Buick Grand National

Dodge Intrepid TCS
-Ever wondered how traction control works?

Nissan 300ZX Powered by Twin-Turbo Q45 V8 Engine
-Source: "450zxtt" on NICO 

NICO Meets:

Lexington, Kentucky March 22 2004
Lexington, Kentucky March 22 2004  
-Clips from Keith and Wes

Wes's former crimson 1994 Q45 with 160lb passenger and 
Fred's forest green 1994 Q45 with JWT ECU

Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3

Mark's 1996 Q45 Autocrossing With Passengers

Josh's 1992 Q45 (JoshIsScifi on NICO):

Versus "the Bumblebee"
Versus RAM SRT-10
Q45 With Exhaust Removed
Q45 With Exhaust Removed 2

Todd's Q45 (1qckser on NICO):

135mph Run
Free-Flowing Exhaust
Dyno - 1
Dyno - 2
Dyno - 3
Results of Todd's dyno run.

Rob's Q45 (rsiwicki on NICO):

70-140 Run (1.13 MB)
Compilation of Runs, 0-100, 70-140, etc (8.63 MB)
Q45 Drive by (1.53 MB)
Q45 Drive by and burnout (1.57 MB)
Q45 idle and revvs (1.53 MB)

A collection of television ads:

The Power of Speech - 2002 Q45

Hosted by Jason Burtman

Rear View - 2002 Q45

Hosted by Jason Burtman

Speed Effect - 2002 Q45

Hosted by Jason Burtman

2002 Q45 Interactive CD (Sample)
Hosted by Jason Burtman

Here's a prelaunch ad from 1989 where you dont even know the ad is for a car

A prelaunch ad for Infiniti showing a flock of geese

Here's a 1993 ad for the J30
-The voice in the ad is Michael Douglas (thanks Lou!).

The original Q45

Here's a bit clearer version of the Q45 ad

This is a 1994 Q45 ad with Johnathan Pryce talking about Infiniti, doing flips and such
-"Visit your Infiniti dealer to see the new Q45 and how rock solid it feels. Better yet, drive an old one."

A G20/J30/Q45 ad about Infiniti safety
-"Would a visit to your Infiniti showroom be in order? I think thats safe to say."

An ad about the original Q45 and the luxury features
-Note that this ad calls it a "performance-luxury" sedan, instead of the usual "luxury-performance" sedan.

And here's an excellent ad for the 97-01 Q45

Johnathan Pryce did the 1994 Infiniti ads

A nice report on the Infiniti brand launch, along with a sales chart

There was also a December 4, 1993 parody ad on SNL with Johnathan Pryce. It was called "Infiniti Toilet." It talked about a fancy toilet with heated seats and cupholders, and a finish that resisted 'caca.'

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