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Adding A Cupholder

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Adding A Cupholder
By Jesda Gulati (later additions by Wes Stinson)

Finally, after almost a year of searching and pondering, I've found a solution for the cupholder issue.

First, here's pics:

XM tuner, followed by the cupholder in the closed position.

XM tuner, followed by the cupholder in the open position. It has a spring-actuated lip to adjust to different sizes. Also, it has a drip tray underneath to avoid spillage.

Next, I'm going to order two for the back seat arm rest.

Cost: $17 Shipped USPS Priority, available at ultimatecupholders.com. Called the "Fischer" folding cupholder. You can also get it on eBay for $16 shipped.

The plastic feels surprisingly durable, and you can have it mount to a horizontal or vertical surface.

3M extra strength double sided mounting tape is what I used to mount my XM tuner and cupholder. The cupholder came with rails and screws but I wasn't interested in drilling. $3 at Wal-Mart for a small roll. It holds surprisingly well, and removes cleanly.

Another possibility (brought to my attention by Mike on NICO) by the same company.  http://www.ultimatecupholders.com/.  These are very nice, especially if you do not like cluttering up your center console with this, and possibly spilling on vital components.  I have heard of the airbag computer short circuiting causing the airbags to deploy, because of spilled things.  These even offer stretching capabilities, while still holding the drink.  They will easily hold the 32oz drinks.  More examples can be found at http://www.ultimatecupholders.com/containers.html .

IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended that you line the center console with a waterproof cellophane or plastic material. Thousands of dollars in expensive electronics are stored underneath, and its important to protect them from spills.

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