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Free Hosting for NICO and Cadillac Forum Members!

Getting Started

Send an email to with the following information:

  • First and last name
  • NICO or screen name
  • Current e-mail address
  • Preferred subdomain,
  • Password
  • Optional: Preferred email address, Mention if you want a POP account or if you want your mail forwarded to your current address.
  • Optional: Specify if you want Microsoft Frontpage access.

You must submit ALL of the above information to create an account, which takes anywhere between 5 minutes and a couple days to activate.


How do I use my account?
You will eventually get an email back with login and configuration info. Minimal technical assistance is available for users of Windows 95-XP and Mac OS 7.1-10.4.
You can log in and upload files to your web site using an FTP client or Microsoft Frontpage. For Windows, use SmartFTP. For the Mac, use NetFinder, Fetch, or RBrowser.
Mail uses standard POP3 and SMTP protocols and plaintext passwords. If you need to check your mail on the web, use Your full mail login is

How much space do I get?
Storage capacity is unlimited but still dependent on server limitations, which can change at any given time. Right now there's about 3GB free, so use as much as you need.

Who runs the server?

This service is not sponsored or endorsed by or NICO. If you have questions about your account, contact me, Jesda.

Does it have to be Nissan, Infiniti, or Cadillac related?
You are welcome to use the account for anything.

Why are you offering hosting to Cadillac owners?
I like Cadillacs too.

Can I send bulk email?

This web site is the intellectual property of Jesda Gulati and Wes Stinson.