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Programming Remote Keyless

No guarantees are made on the results, and anything you do yourself is at your own risk.

Programming Remote Keyless
By Jesda Gulati 

This information was taken from Infiniti service bulletins, and should save you the $75 it would cost to do it at your local dealer:

APPLIED VEHICLE(S): 1993-94 J30; 1993.5 G20; 1994 Q45

While sitting inside the vehicle:
1. Open the trunk.
2. Close and lock all doors.
3. Insert and remove the key from the ignition six times within 10 seconds.
4. Manually unlock and lock driver's door once to enable "setting" mode.
5. Push lock button on the new remote controller once, just long enough to hear it beep, within 5 seconds of completing step 4.
6. If additional remotes are needed (up to 3), repeat steps 4 and 5 for each additional remote immediately after programming the first remote. (Note: a total of four (4) remotes can be programmed to function on the same vehicle).
For additional information, please refer to page BF-38 of the 1993 and 1994 J30 Service Manuals; page BF-17 of the 1993 G20 Service Manual Supplement; and page EL-148 of the 1994 Q45 Service Manual.

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