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Programming Remote Keyless - 1997-2002 Q45

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Programming Remote Keyless
By Jesda Gulati 

Credit to "maxnix" on NICO for finding this information:

From page EL-348.
Additional Procedure using Consult II on EL-349-350.


ID Code Entry Procedure

Enter the identity (ID) code manually when:
* remote controller or BCM is replaced.
* an additional remote controller is activated.

ID Code Entry Procedure
To enter the ID code, follow the procedures below.


1.) Close all doors and lock driver side door.

2.) Insert and remove the key from the ignition more than six times within 10 seconds.
(The hazard warning lamp will flash twice.)

3.) Turn ignition key switch to “ACC” position.

4.) Push any button on the new remote controller once. (The hazard warning lamp will flash twice.)
At this time, the new ID code is entered and original (previous) ID codes are erased.

5.) Do you want to enter any additional remote controller ID codes? If YES, got to 6. If NO, go to 7.
A maximum four ID codes may be entered. Any attempt to enter more will be ignored.

6.) Unlock and lock with the driver’s lock knob switch. Got to 4.

7.) Open driver side door and remove the key from ignition key cylinder.

8.) END. After entering the identity (ID) code, check the operation of multi-remote control system.

* If you need to activate more than two additional new remote controllers, repeat the procedure “Additional ID code entry” for each new remote controller.
* If the same ID code that exists in the memory is input, the entry will be ignored.
* Entry of maximum four ID codes is allowed and any attempt to enter more will be ignored.

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